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Springboard Community Services has a long history of providing adoption services throughout Central Maryland. We have thousands of records, some dating back to 1920, of adoptions that have occurred over the past century. While we no longer facilitate adoptions, we do provide what is known as Search and Reunification Services. In order to begin the process, please contact Jeffrey O’Donnell at the Department of Human Service; he can be reached at You will need to complete an application and once it is confirmed that your adoption was completed through SCS, your case will be assigned to our agency. You can also find additional information about these services, as well as the application packet, at

In order to provide these services, one must be a certified Confidential Intermediary. At present, SCS contracts with two Confidential Intermediaries that once your case is assigned to SCS, will work with you to facilitate the process. Upon assignment, please contact Elana Bouldin to confirm your placement on the waitlist. She can be reached via email, (

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*The Baltimore City location also serves Baltimore County.

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