FT Burden, CEO of Springboard Community Services

CEO Letter: 2021 Accomplishments and Plans for 2022

Dear Friends,

Without a doubt, 2021 has been filled with a variety of collective challenges. Many have wrestled with fear, anxiety, and uncertainty as we’ve persevered through a global pandemic, countless acts of racial injustice, and a stressful season of establishing our new normal.

But amidst this, we have also shown great resilience, creativity, and courage — we’ve adapted to new, innovative ways of working; we’ve had honest conversations about where we’re really at in the fight for equity and inclusion; and we’ve grown a new appreciation for our physical and mental health, as COVID-19 offered frequent reminders about how truly precious and limited our time with loved ones can be.

Over the past year, we made the following significant steps forward despite the pandemic, and remained agile in meeting community needs:

  • Launched a new name and brand and have worked hard and used resources and creatively to increase our visibility.
  • Solidified a sustainable business model and structure that increased program quality, stakeholder satisfaction and fiscal responsibility. In fact, it has resulted in positive returns equal to 1/3 of our annual operating budget.
  • Prepared to open the newly constructed Harry & Jeannette Weinberg SCS Family Support Center in Carroll County, our most audacious project to date. A $6 million capital project that increases services to seniors, children and victims of intimate partner violence.
  • Increased community outreach in Harford County through our Adverse Childhood Experiences training and began assisting the Belair Police Department through Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program (LEAD) to divert individuals from incarceration to treatment.
  • Converted the under-used portion of our Baltimore office’s lower level into the SCS Youth Resource Center, a hub of services and support for homeless and unstably housed youth.
  • Helped hundreds of families in Howard County avoid eviction and foreclosure through our efficient administration of local and federal community resources.
  • Strengthened Board leadership with an engaged group of members who bring a wealth of talent and great optimism about our work.
  • Formed dynamic partnerships across government and non-profit sectors and leverage these every day to enhance our services.

At a glance, we saw access to services increase. In 2021 we provided the following services:

  • 805 clients receiving
  • 10,000 counseling sessions
  • 221 clients receiving
  • 1,200 psychiatry sessions
  • 300 client crisis interventions
  • 130 clients receiving financial assistance that prevented eviction and covered basic needs; and
  • 1,300 victims of crime served.

Over the past several years, our strategic planning has built a foundation for SCC to grow and expand community impact. This multi-tiered and collaborative effort between Springboard’s leadership team, our committed staff, board, community partners, and donors has yielded many tangible results. We have kept our eyes on very specific goals and have dug deeper each year with new objectives that match our competencies to the myriad of needs in the communities we serve.  

Thanks to you, we are able to end 2021 knowing that together we have touched and improved thousands of lives. Your participation, collaboration, generosity, and support have enabled us to turn vision into reality. As we transition into 2022, intentionally focused on deepening our programmatic impact through continuous quality improvement and increased access, we will need your continued support.

With that, we ask that you please consider making a donation to help us “set hope in motion” for so many in need across Central Maryland.

Please visit the Donate page to support these efforts.


F.T. Burden, Chief Executive Officer
Springboard Community Services

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