Family and Children’s Services Is Now Springboard Community Services

We’ve spent the last 170 years improving the lives of the communities we serve. Now we’re changing our name to reflect our new focus on behavioral health services, in addition to helping those impacted by violence, abuse, and neglect. Our new name, Springboard, inspired by the small steps and big leaps our clients make as we help them move forward. As we broaden our reach to the wider community, we are expanding our services and focusing more resources on outpatient mental healthcare. Form assessment through treatment, we prioritize the specific needs of each client. We have the same locations, same phone number and we will continue to work closely with our partners: the agencies who refer to us, primary care physicians, community leaders, and of course you. Stay tuned for more exciting information as we navigate our new branding initiative.

Across centuries, Family and Children’s Services has woven common threads of hope and transformation into the communities we serve.  Our commitment to transforming lives started long ago, in 1849, we made a promise.  To bring positive momentum to families, individuals, and those in need – even in the most difficult of times.  We build bridges to hope for individuals and families in response to instances of trauma, psychological distress, financial strain, and every hardship in between.  But confusion surrounding our name and identity has historically kept some of our efforts in the shadows.

As we take a fresh look at what our brand means to those around us, we bring vibrant leadership, renewed energy, and increased clarity.  FCS has always initiated true progress in the world, and now we’re applying that transformative power to ourselves.  With a new name, new identity, and new awareness, Springboard Community Services is now poised to carry our impact forward in even more powerful directions.  This is a critical time to drive awareness of the full and far-reaching continuum of our services.  As we strengthen our brand, we extend the opportunities we have to advocate for positive change in the world around us.

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FT Burden

Chief Executive Officer

F.T. was appointed Springboard Community Services as CEO in September of 2015 following a national search that yielded more than 200 candidates. Prior to joining SCS, he served for nearly 15 years as President & CEO of AIDS Interfaith Residential Services, Inc. / Empire Homes of Maryland. F.T.’s chief duties include leading fund and partnership development, cultivating the board of directors, and establishing the agency’s strategic direction and vision. A Florida native, F.T. enjoys cooking, traveling, and attending live music and dance performances.