FCS 2016 Annual Letter

Dear Friends of Family and Children’s Services,

A common business principle maintains that you must plan your work before you can work your plan. This concept was the guiding philosophy for Family and Children’s Services Fiscal Year 2016.

In the months following the appointment of F.T. Burden as CEO in September of 2015, FCS committed to a comprehensive assessment of itself as an agency. This was essentially an opportunity to take a step back and, from a birds-eye-view, evaluate areas such as fund development, financial health, and program effectiveness. The FCS Management Team connected with stakeholders (staff, clients, partners and donors) in the agency’s various jurisdictions to get a true sense of the level of impact for each respective program. This process yielded crucial results.

FCS revamped the business models for counseling and adult day care programs. This comprehensive strategy encompassed increased productivity, capacity building, and modified staffing structures with the goal of maximizing program earned income potential. These changes were made possible by taking the time to plan.

For example, after speaking with both clients and clinicians, FCS ascertained that a centralized intake system would improve the counseling experience for both parties. Thus, the agency obtained funding for Access FCS, in which trained assessment specialists will serve as the first point of contact for clients, evaluating the client’s case and setting up their first appointment.
In turn, the clinicians are able to increase their productivity and focus with current clients. 

FCS leadership also devised a comprehensive fund development plan that emphasized identifying and cultivating new and diverse donor prospects to complement the funding received from government grants. The plan also advocated for the creation of two signature fundraising events with the goal of gaining added revenue and heightening community awareness about FCS.

The awareness element was also bolstered by investing in upgraded print materials (including new brochures and a quarterly newsletter) and embarking on a video project to boost the agency’s exposure within the digital realm. Furthermore, the plan called for the addition of a full-time communications manager to strengthen FCS’ social media presence as well as promote FCS’s work – and the people behind that work – through print, radio, and broadcast media.  

​Through these investments and careful planning, FCS will enter its 167th year with a renewed direction and focus. We will continue to provide thousands of families, children and elders in Baltimore and the surrounding counties with the services and care to help them get through life’s distinct and most challenging crises. Before you read through this annual report, we would like to thank you for your continued support of, and interest in, Family and Children’s Services.  

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