Individual & Family Therapy


Individual and Family Counseling

Our staff specializes in treating people who are experiencing substance abuse, mental illness, trauma or abuse. Our clinicians are licensed clinical social workers and professional counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists. They combine proven treatment techniques with skills developed over years of experience and training.

Child Therapy

Many of our clinicians specialize in treating children through talk and play therapy. They can address developmental and behavioral issues, ADHD, depression, bullying, trauma, eating disorders, and problematic childhood sexual behavior

Support Groups

Our trained counselors lead groups for those who have experienced violence, abuse or trauma. We have support groups for women, men, those who identify as LGBTQ and Spanish speakers. Our groups provide a safe community where members can share experiences and help one another heal.

We are here for you…

We believe every person should be treated with dignity, respect and empathy. Our experienced staff has a broad range of training—from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to EMDR to play therapy and mindfulness. They are social workers, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists and case managers. They will help you focus on your strengths and support you in your growth.

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