Longtime FCS Supporter Jenny Hovermill Named ​Vice President of Governing Board of Directors


This month, FCS appointed longtime supporter Jenny Hovermill as Vice President of the Board. Jenny, a board member since 2013, is an Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Appeals Division Office of the Attorney General. A big part of her interest in and appreciation for FCS stems from her work in the criminal justice system.

“FCS serves people who are facing, or have faced, traumatic events in their lives — and helping that underserved community is a challenge too many people shy away from,” Jenny said. “FCS empowers individuals and families to break free from that cycle and get the help they need. I’m proud to champion that type of an organization.”

About Family and Children’s Services

Family and Children’s Services, with ten locations in Baltimore and the surrounding counties, is a non-profit based in Baltimore for more than 165 years. The agency provides a broad range of free and low-fee support services to people of all ages ranging from infants to seniors.  Each year, it serves over 7,000 families and individuals struggling with domestic, child and elder abuse in addition to those dealing with the challenges of caregiving and raising a family. Programs for seniors include adult day care and foster grandparents.  Family services include counseling, case management, early head start and Healthy Families.  Trauma services include child abuse treatment services and a comprehensive domestic violence program. 

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