Jacob Reik

Position: Group Facilitator

Jacob Reik is the Violence Intervention Program Group Facilitator with FCS. Jacob begin working at FCS in October 2019. In his position, Jacob facilitates intervention groups for a variety of court identified offender populations in the Violence Intervention Program. Groups include Men’s Abuse Intervention Program, Women’s Abuse Intervention Program, Appropriate Response to Abuse, Anger Management, and Parenting Anger Management that is offered in Carroll County. These groups are designed to support change and education to primary aggressors in violent situations that occur between significant others, relatives, friends, and others in the community. Before this position, Jacob worked at Silver Oak Academy as a Coach Counselor, Case Manager, Unit Manager, and Teacher. Jacob is a graduate from McDaniel College receiving his B.A. in Sociology with a specialization in Criminal Justice. Jacob’s favorite part about working at FCS are his clients; he enjoys engaging with those that often are written off in our society as ‘bad seeds’ and helping them grow into accountable individuals with healthy relationships.

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