Rochele Jones

Position: Director of Baltimore City Services

In her current position at FCS, Rochele Jones is on a mission to help “Bridge the Generational Gap”. Trained in finance, she has been an employee of FCS for 20 years as a Grants Manager until June 2015. Rochele was asked to oversee the Foster Grandparents Program (FGP) as she was the grants manager for this program for over 8 years. She engages well with volunteers, peers, partners and funders of FGP. She understands her volunteers, their needs and is able to meet them where they are to get the best outcome. In her current role as Director of Baltimore City Services in addition to FGP Rochele is also supervising the HOPWA/Ryan White Program. In this role she will help provide supportive services such as temporary housing, transportation, mental health counseling, child care, and an array of other services tailored to meet the needs of persons with HIV/AIDS. Rochele enjoys most giving back to the Baltimore City community; she feels that there is nothing more satisfying than helping others in need.

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