Michaela Huizar

Position: Support Specialist

Michaela Huizar joined FCS in December 2019 as a Family Support Specialist with the Healthy Families Howard County program. Michaela supports families in the community by completing home visiting services, connecting families with resources in the community, offering curriculum and activities centered on parent-child interaction as well as bonding and attachment. As a Family Support Worker Michaela works to strengthen the relationship between parents and their children. Michaela grew up in San Antonio Texas, and attended Texas State University where she obtained her Bachelors of Science in Family and Child Development in 2017. Shortly after, she and her husband relocated to Baltimore while he works towards his MD-PhD. During her time in Maryland Michaela worked for Kennedy Krieger Institute as an Early Head Start Teacher in East Baltimore. During her time as a teacher, Michaela worked with many children who have been exposed to trauma at a young age, and face may adverse childhood experiences.

These experiences helped fuel Michaela’s passion to work closely with community resources, and support families the best way she can so every child can thrive. While teaching Michaela formed relationships with many struggling Hispanic Families that live in East Baltimore. Many of the families struggled with a language barrier, and this encouraged Michaela to begin learning Spanish. As an FSW Michaela continues to practice her Spanish by interacting with a similar population in Howard County. Practicing the language has empowered Michaela to serve Hispanic families to the best of her ability. The one thing that Michaela enjoys most about working at FCS is that she is able to service clients in their homes. Being able to enter clients homes and empower families is an amazing way to build trusting long term relationships with families enrolled in the Healthy Families Program.

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