Heather Sherbert

Position: Lead Office Administrator

Heather Sherbert has been with Family and Children’s Services for 20 years. In her current role as the Southern Regional Director of Case Management Services, she is responsible for the supervision of the program social workers, case managers, graduate students, and interns. She coordinates the orientation of program admissions, caseload assignments, and the day-to-day delivery of community care coordination and case management services. In addition, she maintains oversight of program operations to ensure participants receive services that are strengths-based, culturally sensitive, and adhere to the core principles of risk, need, and responsivity to reduce recidivism, engagement in community services, and support participants to achieve their self-identified goals. Heather has extensive experience in the oversight of case management programs that are local, state, and federally funded and have a particular focus on homelessness. She actively participates in the Coordinated System of Homeless Services for Howard County and through our family-based homelessness prevention model, Family Stability. In concert with Howard County government and United Way of Central Maryland, Family Stability serves families with children who are at risk of homelessness and the resulting educational instability. Other programs Heather provides oversight of including Healthy Families, Family Violence Program, Building Youth Resiliency, and a general case management program in partnership with the Multi-Service Center of Laurel. Heather routinely utilizes several reporting systems to manage and report data for quarterly and annual reports.

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