Offender Services

Abuse Intervention Program

We offer a 26-week Maryland state certified program for both voluntary and court-ordered clients. Participants learn to take responsibility for their actions and acquire new coping skills. Carroll and Howard counties

Healthy Relationships

This four-week program is by court referral only. It gives an introduction to intimate partner violence and discusses the impact on its victims. Not open to the general public. Carroll County

Appropriate Response to Abuse

In this 16-week group, victims of domestic violence who also report using abusive behaviors in intimate partner relationships learn positive ways to handle conflict, how to protect themselves, and how to manage anger. Carroll and Howard counties

Parenting Anger Management

This 12-week skill-based program encourages parents to be accountable for past behaviors and practice new skills with their families. Carroll County

Anger Management

The 10-week program covers basic conflict resolution skills using assertive behaviors that are taught in the group. Carroll County

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