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Springboard Community Services

Family & Children's Services is now Springboard Community Services

our story

Across centuries, Family and Children’s Services has woven common threads of hope and transformation into the communities we serve. 

Our goal is to provide mental healthcare to EVERYONE in need.

Our commitment to transforming lives started long ago, in 1849, we made a promise.  To bring positive momentum to families, individuals, and those in need – even in the most difficult of times.  We build bridges to hope for individuals and families in response to instances of trauma, psychological distress, financial strain, and every hardship in between.  But confusion surrounding our name and identity has historically kept some of our efforts in the shadows. 

As we take a fresh look at what our brand means to those around us, we bring vibrant leadership, renewed energy, and increased clarity.  FCS has always initiated true progress in the world, and now we’re applying that transformative power to ourselves.  With a new name, new identity, and new awareness, Springboard Community Services is now poised to carry our impact forward in even more powerful directions.  This is a critical time to drive awareness of the full and far-reaching continuum of our services.  As we strengthen our brand, we extend the opportunities we have to advocate for positive change in the world around us.

For more than 170 years, Springboard Community Services has dedicated itself to transforming the lives of Maryland’s most vulnerable. From our earliest efforts identifying and addressing the needs of the working poor, foster children, and single-parent families, Springboard has continuously evolved to meet the challenges of our changing world. Simply put, we are driven to help individuals and families heal and overcome from life’s hardships, and then set them on a path to fulfillment and success.

Built on a bedrock of integrity, compassion, and responsiveness, Springboard continues to be an innovative, agile, and comprehensive provider of services — many of which are free or low-fee — that span the life cycle, from supporting expectant mothers to caring for the at-risk elderly. Through a broad mix of case management, counseling, and support, we provide not only a safety net but a springboard to those who need it most. Our mission: Break the cycle of poverty, abuse and despair, one person, one family, one generation at a time.   

A 501(c) non-profit organization, Springboard has 6 locations in Baltimore City and the surrounding five counties, including multiple counseling offices and one medical adult day care facility. We are the on-site mental health provider at the Child Advocacy Centers (CAC) in Carroll, Harford, and Howard counties,  with formal partnership with CACs in Baltimore County. We are also the identified domestic violence provider for Carroll County and West Baltimore County. 

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