Outreach and Engagement

Springboard Community Services offers outreach and engagement services, which aim to educate adolescents on healthy relationships and dating violence in school and community-based settings. The curriculum is written to encourage boundary-setting and communication, equipping adolescents to identify potential red flags, risk factors, and thorough safety planning. There are varying, age-appropriate levels to the program that are designed to reinforce current curriculum being taught in Maryland Public Schools. Staff work alongside health teachers and program administrators to target areas of concern for the adolescents of the communities served, ensuring the implementation of an engaging and effective program.

School and Community Programs

We encourage teens to communicate and set boundaries with dating partners and teach them how to create a safety plan. We also identify areas of concern for different communities in order to offer an engaging and effective program.

Training and Consultation

We partner with local agencies to provide in-depth training on a wide range of topics, such as trauma, domestic violence and child abuse to behavioral health professionals.

Springboard Training Academy

We offer classes to professionals and members of the community who treat and support those affected by domestic violence and other forms of trauma.


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