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Bel Air police claim new program is helping reduce opioid overdose numbers

BEL AIR, Md. (WMAR) — In Bel Air, the shroud of heroin and opioid addiction is rattling the town’s police department — in the past few years, they’ve been inundated with calls of overdoses and even worse — deaths. For the last four years, Police Chief Charles Moore has watched as the number of those impacted have slowly crept up into the city of a little more than 10,000 people. “We started to really look into how this happened and what we could do to try to resolve, or try to fix the problem,” Moore said. Initially, Moore says first responders would treat the case a proverbial band-aid; helping those that have overdoses with life-saving Naloxone or even putting a person in jail. But the problems worsened, until Moore got an idea from his peers in western Maryland by creating a Drug Abatement Response Team or D.A.R.T. “We were in a spiraling downward epidemic of opioid overdoses and the overdoses only

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Target Groping Suspect Sought – Jennifer Redding Provides Insight On WBAL Channel 11 News

Our very own, Jennifer Redding, Deputy Chief of Behavioral Health Services, was featured during a news broadcast by WBAL channel 11.  She provided valuable advice for those who are victims of assault.  Below is a copy of the article on the WBAL website: ABERDEEN, Md. — Aberdeen police are seeking the public’s help to identify a man who they said groped a female employee Monday at a Target. City police said officers were called at 10:15 a.m. Monday to the store on Middleton Road for a report of a man who approached an employee, asked for her help with scanning merchandise. The woman told detectives that as she reached to scan the item, the man used his hand to grope her in a sexual way. She ran to get help. “A lot of times it’s about power and control and wanting to dominate another person and kind of impinge upon their space,” said Jennifer Redding, of Family and Children Services

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FCS Staff Celebrate Milestone-Accomplishments at Holiday Party

Last week, FCS concluded 2018 by extending our heartfelt thanks to our incredible staff who make our community stronger, brighter and safer every day of the year. Our staff holiday party provided us with an opportunity to reflect on accomplishments, participate in professional development regarding customer service, and enjoy each other’s company. We also celebrated milestone-year accomplishments of many of our staff who have dedicated their time and talent to FCS as well as our clients and for that, we are grateful. We hope our staff and our sponsoring partners have an opportunity to enjoy family, friends and great food over the coming weeks, and also partake in self-care, as the holidays can be both joyous and stressful. [ux_gallery ids=”2171,2167,2172,2169,2170,2166,2173,2168,2174,2175,2165,2176,2177,2178,2179,2182,2183,2184,2185,2186,2187,2188,2189,2190,2191″ type=”grid”]

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Family and Children’s Services Partners with Police to Implement the DART Program

Left to right: Bel Air Police Chief Charles Moore, Jennifer Redding, Deputy Chief of Behavioral Health Services, Family and Children’s Services, D/CPL Matthew Gullion, Bel Air Police Department, and Joe Ryan, Director, The Office of Drug Control Policy (Bel Air, Md)  In an attempt to break the cycle of addiction, Family and Children’s Services has partnered with the Bel Air Police Department, the Harford County Office of Drug Control Policy, and other local agencies to form the Bel Air Drug Abatement Response Team (DART). DART, implemented in January 2018, and is completing its first year.  DART’s conceptualization was based on the increasing number of opioid overdoses in Harford County, more specifically the alarming number of overdoses, and repeat overdoses, in the Town of Bel Air. Prior to the DART program, Bel Air police officers and medical providers would often respond and treat the same opioid overdose victims two or three times in the same week.   Bel Air Police

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FCS Has Sponsored the Harford County Trauma Institute’s Fifth Annual Conference

Harford County Trama Institute is proud to present their 2018 Keynote Speaker: ​ Dr. Bruce Perry M.D., PhD. Senior Fellow at ChildTrauma Academy ​ Dr. Perry is a pioneer in treating childhood trauma and is the author of The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog and Born For Love.  Bruce D. Perry is an American psychiatrist, currently the Senior Fellow of the Child Trauma Academy in Houston, Texas and an Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois.  A clinician and researcher in children’s mental health and the neurosciences, from 1993-2001 he was the Thomas S. Trammell Research Professor of Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine and Chief of Psychiatry at Texas Children’s Hospital. ​ As seen interviewed by Oprah Winfrey for 60 Minutes Conference Cost:​ $60 per person- early registration (Sept. 4-Oct. 5, 2018) $55 group of 10 or more.​ $70 per person- regular registration (Oct. 6-Nov. 2, 2018) $65 group

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