Supporting Homeless and Unstably Housed Youth and Young Adults

Services are offered in Baltimore.

St. Ambrose

SCS partners with St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center, providing behavioral health services for young adults with a history of homelessness and/or housing instability enrolled in several of their housing programs. 

Housing Navigators assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness with their housing search process, application, and move-in process. Through the Housing Navigator’s research and contacts with property owners and managers, Navigators are able to find and secure permanent housing opportunities. Springboard Community Services is a Navigator Agency. 

Rapid Rehousing (RRH) works with Springboard clients to obtain short-term rental assistance and permanent housing. The Rapid Rehousing Case Managers work with clients to ensure that they are able to independently meet and maintain their rent and housing into the future. Contact

Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project (YHDP)
The Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) is part of a US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) initiative designed to prevent and end youth homelessness. Since the spring of 2021, Springboard has been a part of Baltimore City’s YHDP program. Baltimore City is one of 23 communities selected to participate in the HUD program.

Springboard’s navigators and case managers work serve as liaison between the youth, schools, family members, and community providers to find housing for unstably house individuals age 14 -24 years-old.

Services include:

  • Short Term Financial Assistance (eligible to assist households providing care towards youth who are temporarily residing with relatives, friends, and others who are not their parents or guardians)
  • Conflict Resolution & Mediation
  • Crisis Intervention Services
  • Family Mediation & Reunification (natural or chosen family relationships
  • Case Management and Peer Support Services
  • Counseling and Psychiatry Services Available
  • Navigation and connection to additional community resources to support individualized needs
  • Short Term Financial Assistance with temporary child care, food, transportation.
  • Case management and/or employment support
  • Transportation support
  • Connectivity support (i.e. cell phone)
  • Brief housing support (up to three nights)
  • Navigation and connection to community unity resources to support individualized needs
  • Including referrals for legal assistance, connections to public, subsidized, and private housing options
    For more information and to access YHDP services contact:

Restoration Gardens 1 (RG1)
Restoration Gardens 1 is a residential building with 44 apartments that are home to young people ages 18-24 years old who were experiencing homelessness or lacked a stable and safe living environment.

Homes for America is the owner of Restoration Gardens 1 (RG1), LLC which aims to provide housing to transitional aged youth ages 18-24. Springboard Community Service staff member serves as the Resident Service Coordinator and assists young adults on their journey to their independent living. SCS provides supportive case management services to residents of Restoration Gardens on Cottage Avenue in Northwest Baltimore. Springboard involves the tenants in structured community programs, maintains the Restoration Gardens waitlist, assists potential residents with the intake process, and collaborates with property management staff regarding property maintenance and addressing concerns that could jeopardize the young tenant’s housing such as rental arrears and lease violations.

In addition, SCS engages other youth-service organizations to provide on-site life skills to foster mental wellness, conflict resolution, financial literacy, workforce development, education, and setting/achieving long-term goals towards self-sufficiency.

Through Springboard’s work, residents of Restoration Gardens 1 gain access to a broad range of services designed to help re-engage with education, train for jobs, and build a life of their own.

Through Springboard the young adults gain access to supportive services and structured community programs that will aid in their ability to set and achieve long-term success in the areas of housing stability, mental wellness, and self-sufficiency.

Youth pay thirty percent of their income (or a flat rate for those with no income) in rent while they work towards self-sufficiency.

Springboard Community Services (SCS) is a private, nonprofit agency that has been serving Central Maryland since 1849, and is nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and licensed as an outpatient mental health organization.

Services are offered in Baltimore.

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